The Buzz About Vibrators

February 3, 2011

When a lot of people hear the words “sex toys”, vibrators are the first thing they think of. And no wonder — these gizmos can be lots of fun, either on their own or mixed with other pleasures.

A majority of women (some studies say as many as 70%) report that they need some sort of clitoral sensation to orgasm. Vibrators are a great way to make that happen, especially if you like prolonged stimulation — hands and mouths can be lots of fun, but vibes never tire out!  Vibes aren’t just for women, either. The nerves in the head of the cock and the external part of the clitoris are much the same, so lots of guys love the way a vibrator feels. And, of course, if a toy is anal-safe (smooth, has a base, and is nonporous or covered with a condom), anyone can use it for backdoor fun!

Since the nerve endings that respond to vibration are usually concentrated on the surface of the body, especially in the first few inches of the vagina and the anus, you might find that inserting a vibe all the way in doesn’t do much for you. Even if your toy is long and skinny, it might work better to think of it as a handle and hold it against your clit, rather than sliding it inside you. But give it a try both ways — after all, everyone’s a bit different.

The little egg vibrators can be easier to use during sex with a partner since they don’t get in the way as much as the longer ones. They can be harder to hold on to, though, especially during orgasm.

And then there are G-spot toys. Their curved shape lets you focus the sensation on that sensitive area a couple of inches inside the vagina, on the front wall. You can slide the vibrator back and forth, apply pressure, or stroke side to side. And lots of them are anal safe, so they work great on the prostate.

Different vibes create different sensations. Some are buzzy, with more surface vibrations. Others are thuddy, offering a deeper feeling. A lot of people have very strong preferences so if you’ve been unsatisfied with a vibrator, you might want to try something else out.

Despite the fears of becoming “addicted” to a vibrator, it just doesn’t happen. The small grain of truth in that myth is that we sometimes develop sexual habits that can make it difficult to enjoy something new or different. If you’ve gotten used to using a vibe in a particular way, it might seem like you can’t orgasm without it. But with some practice and patience, most people can develop new habits and enjoy other ways of having fun.

No matter how you like to have fun, vibrators are a great way to add a little zing to your sex life. And if you’ve only used them solo, give them a try with a partner. It might take a little experimenting to find the right angle or position, but they can make any kind of sex super fun!


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