Professor Dandy’s Cheat Sheet for Navigating Sexy Parties

December 3, 2010
  • Strive to be Socially Excellent
  • Your persona and personal presentation; embrace them as you would any creative act
  • Personal accessories are a wonderful embellishment to any outfit, as they pique interest and invoke conversation
  • When dressing to go out, ask yourself: Is my outfit an INVITATION or ARMOR?
  • Don’t be afraid of neckwear, hats, and vests. They can totally transform a drab outfit.
  • Be clean! Be aware of your bodily odors and find a scent or soap with a pleasant aroma that you like to wear out. Avoid wearing too much cologne, cheap cologne, or artificial scent. Wear natural scents when you do wear them, if possible. You will notice amazing responses from both men and women. Splash rum on your face, rub on lavender, rosemary, dill, etc.
  • Be slightly late. Don’t be the awkward, overly eager, slightly creepy “early” guy
  • Always know the Rules Of the House
  • What do you bring to the party? I’m not just talking about a bottle of booze — though sharing a bottle of bubbly is always welcome!
  • When participating in conversations, notice whether you like to lead or follow, and why
  • Share your Enthusiasm freely. Enthusiasm is contagious!
  • When encountering  ”social cluelessness”, be graceful and always have a kind excuse as well as a clearly marked escape route
  • Learn how to listen, even to people who might bore the crap out of you
  • Be open to feedback and criticism. Respond, don’t react.
  • REMEMBER: everyone loves a genuine compliment
  • Don’t tell someone their wig is tired or their tattoos are weird. In general, don’t offer unsolicited advice.
  • Be nice! Don’t go for the cheap and easy laughs. Caustic humor cuts people down.
  • Respect Feminine Beauty and Power in all its glorious forms! For the love of Goddess, Men, don’t boast about your “exploits”!
  • Be of service to The Feminine. Learn from her Embracing. Your feminine nature will help you in wielding your masculinity!
  • Just because a woman (someone) might feel super free/open around you, or be super flirty with you, it might very well mean nothing!
  • Never assume you have a clue what a women really wants or means
  • Have the “boundaries, borders and safety” chat before attempting second base
  • Nothing compares with just being totally direct
  • Be sure to respectfully acknowledge partners, SO’s, “special friends”, etc.
  • Always follow up any encounter with a genuine “thank you” such as “thank you for sharing this time with me”
  • Always be conscious around non-smokers and mind your breath and clothes after taking a puff or two
  • The Road of Excess really can lead to the Palace of Wisdom, but that route demands constant, vigilant attention and discernment
  • Sometimes the only way to learn your limits is to test them
  • If its Grace you’re looking for, practice being gracious and graceful

Thank You,
Professor Dandy


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