Playa Etiquette Guide

July 22, 2011

You are a nomadic seeker from a lost dimension in hot pursuit of ecstatic mysteries, a tripper in the night fantastic called to an archaic future where honeyed wines are dripped into one’s mouth from the fingers of gold-dusted hotties. You’re a mythical furry-horned thing led on by fierce lusts bubbling up from your nethers, fueled by intoxicating rhythms which lure all sense and reason from your sun-addled brain. As a 10-year veteran of the playa, Professor Dandy KNOWS the many distractions that can demolish one’s social graces out in that most chaotic of psycho-somatic environs!

By taking efforts to increase the quality of play FOR ALL PLAYERS on Thee Infinite Gameboard of the Playa, we surely raise our own quality of experience! In ANY given situation, one can always reflect: “are my actions increasing the quality of play for all or just for me?”

Here’s a few tips:
Small gestures such as gracious introductions, genuine smiles, friendly hellos, and simple compliments convey special magic on this potent playing field!
Offer a stranger help in setting up their tent.
Carry small and useful gifts of packaged baby wipes, lip balm, and dust masks to share.
GIFTS take on deeper value when given from a real and personal place. A crappy bottle of tiny bubbles does not stand on equal footing with that of a small collection of your personal writings or art!
The act of receiving can be a very powerful gift when offered in the right time and place!
Deep, heartfelt listening is another very powerful gift you can share.
Sometimes people just need someone to talk to, or a shoulder to cry on, or a good hug!
Be gracious when a gift or offer is not welcomed or received! Just bow politely and walk off. You have no idea what a person might be going through — maybe they just aren’t in the space to receive! BE OK WITH THAT and don’t take it personally!
Be thy neighbors’ keeper.
Don’t assume that if you see someone being hassled by ‘douche-bag’ behavior that ‘The Authorities’ (Rangers, Police…) will step up for them! Bizarre humor and nonsensical observations such as, ‘why, look there, Sir, a floating dirigible commanded by naked Amazons!’ can diffuse matters greatly (or at least provide an effective distraction for a quick getaway) when presented before a charged situation.

ASSUME NOTHING when in the presence of a ‘turned on’ GOD or GODDESS in the throes of ecstatic embodiment! Their divine frenzy is PROBABLY NOT directed at you!
Met someone special? Over communicate regarding your status, and any partners or agreements you have. And when appropriate, what safer sex practices you engage in. Safe is ALWAYS appropriate!

My most excellent friends, may we embody as both fierce AND gracious seekers in our pursuit of Illicit Illumination? Let us raise our glasses and toast to CONSCIOUS DEBAUCHERY!


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