Looking for Mr. Goodlube

August 3, 2010

Lube is, simply, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve your sex life. I’m always amazed when people resist buying a $15 or $20 bottle, especially after they’ve spent a lot more on dinner, drinks, movie tickets, babysitters, makeup, clothes, or any of the other things we buy in order to get laid.

Remember- a woman can be raring to go before her natural lubrication kicks in, or wanting to keep going when she’s running low, so having lube on hand is always a good idea. Medication and drugs like antihistamines, alcohol and smoking can all affect it’s natural levels. Plus, everyone needs lube for anal play!

There are 4 main kinds of lube:

Water-based with glycerin lubes last a long time but they can get sticky after a while. A couple of drops of water or saliva refreshes them. Women who are prone to yeast infections should avoid these, as they can make them worse.

Water-based without glycerin lubes don’t get sticky, but they don’t last as long. Since water doesn’t refresh them, you’ll need to add more. Creamy formulas are super slippery, but can taste pretty bitter.

Silicone lubes last forever. Make sure you wipe it off the bathroom floor because it’ll be slippery next week! They’re also waterproof, which is a plus for sex in the shower, but you’ll need soap and water to clean them up (water-based products rinse away). Silicone is a great choice for anal play since it doesn’t dry out.

Oils are not safe with latex condoms, but many people use them for sex. Use something like almond or coconut- mineral oil will actually dry out the skin.

Have fun!

Charlie Glickman PhD, Education Program Manager, Good Vibrations



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