I like to share….

August 3, 2010

San Francisco is a sexy town. It flirts with me. Sometimes I find myself idly twirling my hair between my fingers, eyes cast downwards, a little gasp under my breath as it propositions me. It makes me giggle it’s so naughty. I am pretty confident that I could not live my life as openly and happily anywhere else on this planet but San Francisco.

My love affair started back in 1999- like so many people I came here on vacation and never left. I was charmed and captivated by it’s warmth and friendliness, drawn in by it’s slutty games and profound kinkiness, and ultimately fell in love with it’s depth and heartfelt artistic nature.

We’ve got a good thing going, this town and me, but don’t get me wrong- I don’t want to hoard and keep it all to myself. That’s no fun at all. So here’s my little slice of San Francisco lifestyle- a bit of a tease, to get you excited. I like to share.


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SanFranSexy is a bi-monthly zine bringing a bulging package of Sex-Positive Culture to your doorstep. Every month we bring you juicy bits of news, events, resources, and advice keeping you in the know about what’s worth knowing in our sassy little town.

SanFranSexy focuses on Sex-Positive lifestyle, with articles like safe sex tips for threesomes, relationship advice for sluts, how to be a gentleman at a sex club, and the importance of eye contact during oral sex. And that’s just for starters.

Brought to you by Polly Superstar, SanFranSexy has a glorious roster of local experts and luminaries contributing their awesomeness to this orgy of good times. Round it all out with a calendar of upcoming events and you’ll be so satisfied you’ll be reaching for a cigarette when you’re done.

Call us old-fashioned, but as well as being available online, this zine is actually printed on paper, and distributed around town to select retail outlets, nightclubs and sexy hot-spots!