Holding Space for the Feminine

January 3, 2011

Greetings fellow Menfolk-adventurers, sexplorers, and sex-positive pioneers!
I’ve just been granted a sneak peek at Dr. Melanie Rose’s article, “No Expectations”, which you will see in this very issue. I have to say, it’s inspired me to address the issue from the male perspective.
As I mentioned in my “Tips for Navigating Sexy Parties” (you have read the previous San Francisco Sexy, of course): “Just because a woman (or anyone) might feel super free/open around you, or be super flirty with you, it might very well mean nothing!”

As a host of sexy soirees, I have (delightfully) found myself on more than one occasion, whether by look, touch, glance, or gesture, the seeming object of feminine focus. Frequently, however, I find that these passing attentions may be the only goal of these outpourings of feminine exuberance.

Aspects of our masculine consciousness tells us to grab and pounce, but what if we can overcome and enjoy these encounters as they are, without expectation? I can tell you from experience that the result is a veritable basking in bliss!

Alas, our primal natures are always whispering (or shouting) close at hand, urging our inner douche-bag to reach out and ‘grab on the hotness’. Be strong I say! It is by calling upon the strength of our Inner Gentleman Perverts, that we may find the resolve to witness such exalted displays of Beauty, Freedom, and Feminine Power without always needing to resort to carnal thirst quenching.
You will find that we have the ardent support of The Feminine, my hot-blooded friends, in NOT succumbing to the ranks of douche-baggery on this matter!

So i invite you, my masculine-inclined colleagues, to call upon your noble natures, next time you are present to such free-flowing feminine displays!
Let us be ‘gentle guardians’ for The Feminine in whatever sensually/sexually charged environs we may find ourselves in, that we may discover the merits inherit to service as our expectations fall to the wayside in Her Presence.


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