Dusty Sex Tips

July 22, 2011


  1. Hydration is key: Hydration helps oral and any penetrative sex action.  Remember that a dry mouth means a dry pussy!
  2. Sheet sanitation sanity: Lay a sheet over your sleeping area when you leave — it keeps the dust off and makes an inviting place to drag people.
  3. Playa crotch is not fun: The Playa is very alkaline and can lead to rashes, bacterial vaginosis, and angry ass syndrome. Lay down a coat or do it standing up.
  4. Public indecency risk: Most Black Rock City cops don’t care, but if they do, you could be charged with a sex offence.  Unlikely, but I’m just sayin’ you should watch yourself.
  5. Watch for sweet and sexy events: Keep your ear to the ground for the relatively dust-free sexy zones and parties that always happen at BM.
  6. Carry baby wipes: Unscented and glycerin-free are the best for your sensitive parts. It’s the least you can do, especially after having sex for multiple days without a shower.
  7. Condoms (um, duh!) and gloves: Gloves are nice because then it doesn’t matter if your hands are chapped. (Tip: if you put on lotion, then use a glove, by the time you have finished your fisting you have had a spa treatment for your dried hangnails!)
  8. Spray bottles are your friend: Just a spritz helps cool each other off and will rehydrate water-based lube. And you can try silicone lube; it doesn’t dry out.
  9. Think about your attire: If you plan on being a fuck bunny think about easy access to your junk. EL wire-crotch harnesses with buttons and rivets are a pain in the ass.
  10. Find a friend with a camper with A/C: There is nothing like a midday nap and a shag in the pleasant confines of a camper with A/C.
  11. Do stuff you might not do elsewhere: If you always wanted to dress up like a polar bear and force a seal to slither across the Playa toward you begging to be eaten, this is place to explore sexy escapades.
  12. Do your sexy thing in an appropriate place: There are plenty of sex camps or places off the beaten path to explore. Stay away from Kids Kamp and Center Camp with your bad self.
  13. Don’t get too attached to “Playa Love”:  Don’t take proposals, all-day handholding, and gifts as signs of undying affection. Love them, but in the moment.
  14. Playa magic: Rejoice in the fact that you don’t have to call your new peeps in the morning because cell phones don’t work and you may never see that hottie again. But also be aware that you will invariably run into people you know or fucked, over and over again, in front of the glowing hippopotamus or the incongruous lemonade stand way out by the fence. Expect synchronicity.


JDelicious is a Freelance sexuality educator with Masters Degree and 15 years of workshops experience. She has taught over 12,000 student in SF in the last 5 years. She is available for workshops and coaching at Wuunderwoman@gmail.com or 415 637 3143


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