Boinking with Barriers

February 3, 2011

Different people have different opinions about condoms for blowjobs and dental dams for eating pussy. On the one hand, oral sex is lower risk than many other kinds of sex, especially if you don’t swallow. But if you go down on that hottie and then kiss someone else, you may unknowingly bring something along. And if you want to give oral sex to more than one person, it’s definitely safer for all of them if you use barriers. If you’ve never used condoms or dental dams for oral sex, practice it at home first. Try different techniques out and figure out how to maintain your suave when you’re dealing with a roll of plastic wrap (which can work great for safer box munching.) Playing safe at a party means paying attention to how body fluids can spread in unusual ways. Until you wash your partner’s fluids off of your face (or anywhere else), be careful to not let someone else touch you there. It’s not safe and it’s not fair to nonconsensually expose people to someone’s fluids.

Are you using toys? Cover them with a condom when you’re at a party, even if you don’t when you’re at home, and change condoms if you want to share. I’ve spoken with women who shared a yeast infection via a dildo. Bring along a few plastic bags like the kind from the produce section to put used toys into so they don’t get everything else in your toybag dirty. Toys can be hard to fit into a bag when they’re wet. Turn the bag inside out and put it over your hand. Then pick up the toy and close the bag around it. (It works great on carrots and chard at the grocery store, too!)

When you’re all done, take your gloved hand and pick up used condoms, wrappers, etc. Then take the glove off inside out and toss the bundle in the trash. Some parties ask for more in depth cleanup, like wiping surfaces down with a spray bottle of anti-microbial cleanser. Ask the hosts or other guests. And remember- the best way to get invited back is to leave the space as clean as or cleaner than it was when you arrived.

If you’re looking for more safer sex tips or supplies, we’ve got lots of them at Good Vibrations (



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